Today, Keaton Henson has released his stunning, seventh studio album, House Party, out now via Play It Again Sam.

House Party is Keaton Henson as you’ve never heard him before; a conceptual and sonic departure that sees him inhabit a parallel version of himself who, from the outset, aggressively pursued fame and all its trappings. This narrator, who is embodied by the pink-suited Keaton of the Tristan Pigott-designed album artwork and imagery, also allows over the course of 12 stunning and pop-driven tracks, the real Keaton to explore his own story and motivation.

The album includes the blissfully bleary ache of first single ‘Envy’; sunny love song ‘The Meeting Place’; album opener ‘I’m Not There’ with its mellifluous jangle pop melodies masking the feelings of disconnection and isolation at the album’s heart; and the beautiful, defences-down apology from Keaton to his wife on ‘Late To You’, in which he blurs the lines between himself and the album’s narrator.

Keaton narrates themes of love throughout House Party, including the exploration of toxic and codependent relationships, ‘Two Bad Teeth’, and ‘Parking Lot’ with its us-against-the-world mentality. Elsewhere, the true desperation and sadness of the pink suited character is told. ‘The Mine’ acts almost as the album’s centrepiece – the moment the facade falls, the music is sparse, the band have left the room, and the true loneliness of the character is witnessed. The chanting ‘Hide Those Feelings’ that closes the album is Keaton’s final word – a somewhat sarcastic summary and universal mantra on how everyone is masking their true feelings.

9th June 2023